Emma Watson’s bushes…wow! just turned 18 and look how thick it is!!!

Emma Watson showing us her black panties and part of her not shaved pussy! And the best part…Emma just had her 18th birthday. Who thought the little innocent Hermione could be such a hot item once she crossed 18? Will there be more from the actress in the future? Hopefully. Until then, enjoy the rest of the teasing pics. Will Harry Potter get a piece of that?

Emma Watson has come out to play again! She shows off her blossoming body in virginal white…virginal. You think she’s still a virgin or is it a scam? Nice little body, but I think she has a bit to develop still, then she will turn in to a full fledged hottie. The next Harry Potter installment will be out soon, so we can see how she has grown…let’s wait if Harry will have a piece of Hermione’s hairy beaver.

The rumors about Emma Watson sex scenes in the upcoming movies are true. The lady is 18 y.o. now and she is attractive and a very sexy celebrity, so the world is waiting for the fresh erotic moments

from the rising star.

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